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The Powerful Path of Phylosomatics 27/05/15

Today, it has been a culmination and a perfect closure of a therapy that has been ongoing for 7 months.

Today my client released some of the stuck emotions thanks to Tansu, a work I do on the futon which uses gentle touch to bring the person back to their body as our minds keep us far away and busy sometimes in the past, sometimes in the future. Obviously I have been knowing this person and her circumstances of changes along the 7 months of therapy, we had built up a friendship I'd say, I have been supporting her and vice verse as she was there when the business was going through positive but not less arduous changes. I know right now she is digesting what happened today, or she should. The point is to be there (here and now) with your emotional pain instead of trying to ignore it. Welcome it, see it, look at it in the face and take care of it with lots of love, without anger nor fear nor resentments.

This therapy helps the client recognise where their body starts and ends, giving a sense of closure and wholeness. This helps clients recognise and release stuck emotions in the here and now from their body, the closest physical reality. Usually by the 3rd session the "miracle" happens but with this client it took 7 months, which tells us once again that everyone is different and need different approaches. Exactly that's why it is fundamental for me as a therapist that I LISTEN to be able to apply the best approach.

With this specific client I have been adapting Tansu to the needs of each day by using stretches, sports techniques and basically putting everything I know on the table each time. Today, since it was the last session of her course I decided to use a more cathartic approach. .. and it worked. Pain triggered the moment for her. As I said Tansu uses the most gentle touch but this time was different. A good therapist has to be courageous and know when to take the risk and act outside the box, always safely though.

Tansu is one of the disciplines of the School of Phylosomatics together with the Sensitive Gestalt Massage -meditative massage on the couch- and Watsu -meditative massage in lukewarm water. This three very powerful types of therapy have been ongoing for decades all over the world but as far as my research goes, no one is practicing them in the UK apart from myself. I have clients that come for the Sensitive Gestalt Massage not only from York but also from Edinburgh. It's perfect for Counselling, Psychotherapy, Massage therapists, care/support workers, nurses, for anyone grieving, for anyone taking care of someone else (long illness, end of life...), for low self steam, depression, for victims of sexual abuse or any kind of abuse... or simply for anyone interested in the benefits of massage.

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