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Get up to a 15% discount in monthly sessions. Everyone knows the benefits of regular massage and our clients always get surprised when they improve and stay healthy for longer! Find the real benefit of staying pain-free.

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Get a free 15-minute taster with Ana only by clicking "Like" on my Facebook page! Applies to Ana's therapies only.

I believe that everyone looking into having regular sessions should be able to try first. Just "Like" the Facebook page and call me to arrange your free taster.

After you had liked the page you will have 4 weeks to book your appointment within a month time.


When you sign up to the Magassage, the e-magazine with information on events, courses, exclusive subscribers offers and more.

This 10% discount is to be applied to one 90 minutes session only, including

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Applies to Ana's therapies.

  • Get a £10 voucher every 5 treatments

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Applies to Ana's therapies.

You get a £10 voucher for every new client you bring to us. You may talk to your gym mates, your Yoga classmates, your work colleagues...



Full-time Teachers (not lecturers/assisstants)

Care/Social/Support Workers

Counselling Therapists


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Applies to Ana's therapies.

Our Clients


Applies to Ana's therapies.

The most popular among my clients!

1. 10% discount for one session a month of an hour minimum.

2. 15% discount for two sessions a month of an hour minimum.

  • It gives you priority when booking
  • Less hastle
  • Saves you from carrying money around, quite a nice feeling when what you want is to relax and let go
  • Get a £10 voucher at the end of the 6 months
  • The extras are not included in this discount as they are already discounted

Terms & Conditions

  • 6 months contract minimum
  • If you fail to complete the minimum 6 months period, what had been discounted plus £20 admin fee will become an outstanding balance which will need to be paid off within 2 weeks
  • The only reasons acceptable to cancel at no cost are moving city (with new address proof) or long term sickness with a doctor's letter proof


Ana offers discounted packages. Click on each link and scroll down to find the courses

Terms & Conditions apply on all offers and courses.

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