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Come and experience my signature treatment, it will make you feel like a complete wholeness within your individuality; INTEGRATION as I call it.

After ten years experience, I have come up with this very complete type of massage which is a mix of the different techniques I've studied to bring the best results and most complete experience into the therapies room. This massage is based on the client's needs so it adapts by applying the techniques required for the moment and the area to treat. It includes stretches too.

After studying the holistic S.G.M. (Sensitive Gestalt Massage) between Spain and Switzerland, I can't help it but use the basics of Gestalt and Philosomatics for most of my treatments because it had been a revelation to me in the way that it is a gentle psyco-body-work done from the deep listening and meditation that makes you feel safe and in good hands, exactly what you need to let go of tensions!

This massage finishes with a Chakra- Balancing Sound Therapy technique so your body, heart and spirit can integrate the experience.

It is very relevant to mention that as a Sensitive Gestalt Massage therapist I let the healing take place on your system by providing with the right environment you need to let go and relax. Healing happens when you relax and this is what it is about, when you allow it, even if you are having a Sports Massage! What I do is to accompany your process by tending a tender but firm and confident hand to hold on to. This is because some times when receiving a massage you may feel an emotional rush. This is completely normal, it means old stuck emotions are now being unblocked. I've seen not only this but many other kind of reactions that need a confident therapist to deal with them. It's what I call the COURAGE of the therapist. (Another teaching I got from S.G.M. Course).

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60 min …....... £48

90 min …....... £65


Course of 5 X 60 minutes for £216

Course of 5 X 90 minutes for £295

**Stretches may be included**

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PLEASE NOTE: if you have verrucas, athelets foot, fungal nail infections, refrain from booking this session as it could spread and worsen. See full list of contra-indications of massage here.