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York is a lovely place to have a “shop till you drop” day with friends as it has got many sophisticated shops and restaurants, a few shopping centres and a great atmosphere. Not forgetting about all the free activities available in town and the surroundings and the walks along the historic walls, finishing the day with a friendly pampering meet up.


Because you and your friends/family deserve all the goodness.
Because it is a great way to spend the evening knowing that you all are going to be taken care of individually.



Mini Treatment ~ 15 minutes £15

Regular Treatment ~ 30 minutes £25

Delux Treatment ~ 60 minutes £40

Mini Treatments

  • Feet or Hands Massage: We do everything with our hands and still don't take enough care of them. Feel the joy of having your hands properly massaged by a professional! By stimulating pressure points we stimmulate the circulation and the immune system among other benefits.
  • Seated Scalp Massage: Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck & Head Seated Massage _ with Head Indian Massage techniques.

Regular Treatments

Delux Treatments - Full Body

  • Sports/deep tissue Massage: a deeper pressure full body massage focussing on the knotted areas inlcuding stretches. You know... it's that releasing kind of “nice pain”.
  • Sensitive Gestalt Massage: Holistic; a meditative massage experience. A truly mood changing treatment. Awaken your senses, your wholeness, your integrity.
  • Swedish Massage

Let us know if you need a hairdresser too!

Please read the Terms and Conditions before you book a Pamper Party