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This massage is received while you lie down on one side (we swap sides half way into the session) and to release the pressure of the tommy and breasts I place the relevant supports in a way that you will feel as if you were in your own bed cuddling your pillow!

S.G.M. I use Sensitive Gestalt Massage techniques so you can enjoy the wonders of feeling complete after an more integrative and nurturing  treatment. Gestalt sees you as a complete wholeness within your individuality, as a unique being. Come and connect with yourself in a "safe place" and in total comfort.


  • It increases blood circulation
  • Gets rid of the toxic waste
  • Drains the accumulated liquid of your joints (specially knees and ankles)
  • The fetus also benefits from this gentle touch providing him/her with a loving experience from a very early stage
  • Massage stimulates the fetus emotional intelligence as well as it stimulates yours
  • It removes the stress out of your body and your mind
  • It releases endorphins leaving you with a well being sensation that lasts for days
  • It has also the benefits of a Sensitive Gestalt Massage (S.G.M.)

CAUTION: you have probably been told you shouldn't get a massage within the first three months of pregnancy as it could cause a miscarriage. My experience is that you can recieve a gentle massage from the first month if your therapist avoids the critical points. It's very beneficial but always check with your doctor first. Everyone is different.


1 hour …........ £48

90 min …....... £65


5 x 60 minutes = £216

5 x 90 minutes = £305


PLEASE NOTE: if you have verrucas, athelets foot, fungal nail infections, refrain from booking this session as it could spread and worsen. See full list of contra-indications of massage here.

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